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Allison provides a unique style of personalized counseling and representation.  She has been practicing law in New York City for over ten years.  In this time, Allison gained the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed for a successful practice.  What sets her apart is Allison’s specialized focus on the relationships she has with her clients.

After graduating from law school, Allison worked for a solo practitioner where she learned the value of developing relationships and the need to communicate regularly with clients.  Intent upon expanding her experience, Allison left the world of solo practice and worked at law firms including Rosenberg & Estis, PC, Cornicello & Tendler, LLP and Goldberg Weprin & Ustin, LLP.  At these law firms Allison learned how to tailor solutions to address clients’ needs, strategize with clients, and how to take the necessary steps to accomplish each goal.  Using what she learned, Allison developed her own style of representation.  She combines her passion for people with her successful practice of law.  In 2009, after working at firms for ten years, Allison decided to start her own practice.  She realized that it was the only way she can give her clients the attention they deserve.

Allison is in very high demand among existing clients and new clients that are constantly referred to her.  She analyzes and discusses with all of her clients the strengths and weaknesses of each case.  While a case may be strong, Allison always takes the financial aspect into consideration.  As she always says, “It does not make sense to spend $10,000 to recover $5,000.”  Allison’s focus is always on the needs of her clients and the best way to serve them.
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